So, generally I don’t review restaurants because I prefer to cook for myself. But I just had the most amazing lunch and had to share the details with all of you. I had been hearing about this new lunch truck called Clover for the past few weeks. They park their trucks near Harvard, South Station and Government Center around lunchtime and sell all natural vegetarian cuisine with compostable packaging.

For just $5 I got the most filling, delicious lunch ever! Generally I don’t purchase food at food trucks, but I am so glad I made an exception. I ordered a chickpea fritter sandwich. It was huge, came on a homemade pita, and was spiced perfectly and served with pickled cabbage, carrots and a creamy cucumber sauce. I am so sorry I didn’t snap a picture with my phone, but I was too busy devouring the entire thing. I also sampled the hibiscus tea, which was super sweet but quite refreshing. The rosemary fries also looked amazing, I’ll have to try those next time.

I was so impressed with this truck. They were efficient, making each dish fresh in less than 5 minutes, and they ring your order up via pda so you don’t have to remember to bring cash. If you are around Boston, I strongly suggest checking it out ASAP. Check them out on the web:


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