Wholesome Wednesday Links!

I am SO excited for Christmas! I love the holidays and always have a wonderful time eating, drinking, and catching up with friends and family. I have been fiendishly baking cookies and look forward to branching out into other recipes as well. Tomorrow night, I will be at my friend Meghan’s Edible Balls party – where I hope to bring some bacon popcorn balls. I’ll let you know how these turn out. Onto the links. 

Healthy Christmas Links:

Blogs and Recipes I love:

  • The lovely Ann, over at Cooking Healthy for Me, made HOME MADE CHEEZ ITZ!!!! I need these immediately. 
  • I recently discovered the best blog – Banana Mondaes – Jules combines reading children’s books with cooking! She baked the most adorable Apple Ginger Pies while reading Amelia Bedelia! 
  • Bon Appetit has the most amazing recipe for Lamb Shanks with Pears – I can’t wait to try this

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