About Me

About Gen Y Foodie:

Welcome! This space is devoted to my kitchen experiments, photos and general food related ramblings. During my time as an impoverished student, I learned to get really creative in the kitchen. Friends started asking me for recipes and I found myself emailing recipes around to friends and family. During this time, I got inspired to start a website.

This great blog experiment began in January 2011, while I was working as a prosecutor. Cooking, writing and photography provided me with a creative outlet and a way to get away from the serious nature of my day job. I found myself able to really relax when cooking, and it became a necessary part my life. Day by day, recipe by recipe, this space grew. It has transformed from a hobby to a second career. I want to illustrate how cheap and easy it is to prepare healthy meals after a long day at work. Even with the demands of career, family and friends, you can integrate cooking into your lifestyle.

Christmas 2011: With my boys

Christmas 2011: With my boys

About Dara:

I am a lawyer living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. My love of cooking began in my my Grandmother’s kitchen when I was three years old. She and I would “invent” recipe and make huge messes together. It was with her that I developed my passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. After college, I lived in an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey with three roommates. Disgusted by what passed for dinner, I began cooking and trying out cheap and easy recipes. I found that I really enjoyed cooking after a long day at work. It was a way to unwind, relax and put effort into nourishing myself and others.

I live with two very special boys. My fiance Craig and I just celebrated 10 wonderful years together. He plays a big role in the blog, as my official taste tester and last minute ingredient grabber. He also does the most important job in the kitchen: cleaning. I love to cook but I am a bit of a slob. When I cook, Craig does all the cleaning, which sometimes involves scraping various substances off the ceiling.

The other man in my life is my adorable Labradoodle, Archer. He is a year old and quite a handful. He enjoys snuggling on the couch, stealing food, car rides and Downton Abbey.

What little spare time I have is spent in my kitchen or my garden. This year, I had the wonderful experience of growing my own herbs and veggies in a tiny patch of dirt in my backyard. Urban gardening was quite an adventure, and we had some epic failures and some epic successes. I am now hooked and already making plans for this summer’s crops.

Archer Nov 12

The cutest puppy in the universe!

About My Recipes:

I develop all my own recipes. Unless noted, every single recipe is my own creation. When I am inspired by others, I will give credit where it is due. I am inspired by traditional dishes, magazines, and other amazing bloggers, but the execution and experimentation is entirely my own.

All recipes and photographs appearing on Generation Y Foodie are copyrighted. This copyrighted material should not be redistributed without my consent, credit given to Generation Y Foodie and a prominently placed link back to Generation Y foodie.

As a lawyer, I get a bit cranky about intellectual property theft. All my work is copyrighted and I will prosecute any unauthorized distribution.

Law School Graduation - With My Little Bro

Law School Graduation – With My Little Bro

About My Photos:

All photos are taken by me of food I actually prepared in my home. I shoot with a Canon Rebel t3i. Since I am never home during the day, I use Lowell Ego Lights in addition to whatever natural light I can get. I am generally too lazy to do much editing, but when I do I use Adobe Photoshop Elements.