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Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Cha cha cha Chia! I am getting more and more obsessed with chia seeds. I am enjoying them in yogurt, in granola, on salads. I’m hoping to try some chia banana bread soon as well. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to enjoy chia seeds is by making pudding. Because the seeds gel in liquid, they are a great way to make tasty pudding. This pudding is super easy, I just added a bunch of stuff I had in the house, Ghiradelli cocoa powder, stevia for sweetener, and some almond milk. Skim milk or soy would work well too. I got some low calorie whipped cream at Whole Foods […]

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Guest Post: Black Forest Bites by Cravings of a Lunatic

Hello readers! Today I have a special treat for you. A guest post by the lovely and talented Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic. Kim, or Lunie as she calls herself, is one of the most fun and talented food bloggers I have had the privilege of getting to know. She is hilarious, cooks amazing food and shares amazing stories about her life and cooking. Kim and I started blogging at around the same time and I we connected through FoodBuzz (RIP). She started blogging as many do, after getting tons of recipe requests from friends and family. I was immediately struck by her fresh, funny voice and hilarious worldview. […]

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Pomegranate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

OMG we survived a blizzard last week and it’s snowing again! ¬†Holy Cow this is insane! During Blizzard Nemo, work shut down at noon and the Governor of our state made it ILLEGAL to drive on the roads after 4pm. There were crazy lines for gas and groceries and everyone freaked out. Being stuck in the house is not exactly fun and so I decided to do some cooking. However, turns out we don’t have a lot of ingredients lying around, since we didn’t want to wait in line at the grocery store. So I decided to indulge my newfound interest in baking. I love pomegranate. One of the oldest […]

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Strumpet Bars

¬†WARNING: This is NOT a healthy recipe. It involves things like sugar, butter, chocolate and caramel. And it is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it can be nice to step outside one’s comfort zone and try something new. For me, this involves baking. I have never considered myself much of a baker before, I occasionally make cookies around the holidays but that’s usually the extent of my efforts. My ambivalence about baking is based on the fact that Craig hates dessert and that I don’t have most of the tools and equipment for successful baking. We were invited to a Superbowl party this weekend and I was racking my brain about what to […]

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Christmas Countdown: Desserts

YAY Christmas! Such a wonderful, festive and exciting time of year. It’s also a stressful, exhausting and calorie-laden time of year as well. Things have been a bit busy for my lately, so I don’t have a new recipe today. Instead I wanted to kick off a series of fun Christmas Countdown posts. For my first one, I wanted to feature some yummy, easy desserts that could be whiped up quicky and easily. Now I spend a lot of time talking about how I am not a baker. Well, checking my archives that is VERY apparent. I think for 2013 I need to add some sweets on this website! Anyway, […]

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Mexican Chocolate Cookies #Sunday Supper

As all my readers know, I am not much of a baker. I do what I can on occasion, but it’s just not a big part of my life. Craig doesn’t like sweets (weirdo) and I don’t want to be responsible for finishing up a batch of brownies on my own. I bake usually twice a year, for my little brother Jeff’s birthday in January (he is a sugar addict), and around Christmas. I love bringing something yummy to the office or to a holiday get together. So I was excited to see this week’s #Sunday Supper theme: the ultimate cookie swap. What a great opportunity to experiment! Usually I […]

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