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Pumpkin Cacao Bread

I’m kicking off my COUNTDOWN TO THANKSGIVING this week so keep an eye out for some holiday friendly healthy eats. EDITORS NOTE: I originally started working on this recipe during Hurricane Sandy. I thought it would be fun to bake something delicious and healthy. Unfortunately, the version I prepared did not come out so tasty. Sometimes I go a little overboard on the healthy ingredients and forget the basic principles of baking chemistry. So, two tries later, I finally got it right. As you ┬ámay have noticed, I don’t do a whole lot of baking. Mostly because Craig doesn’t like sweets and I don’t really have any dessert lovers in […]

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Thai Squash Soup – Freezer Fridays

Welcome back to Freezer Fridays! I’ve had multiple comments and emails about more freezer friendly meals so today I bring you a delicious low-calorie soup made with super fresh seasonal ingredients. I love butternut squash soup. It tastes like fall. I’ve been making butternut squash soup for years, with just the usual sort of ingredients (see last year’s verion HERE), but my mom just introduced me to what I think is the best tasting soup I’ve ever had. She picked it up at a natural market in her hometown and begged me to replicate it. I obliged and WOW is this good soup. Instead of confining this to butternut only, […]

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Freezer Fridays: Pesto

Hello everyone! I wanted to welcome you all to a new series I’m doing called Freezer Fridays. One of the best strategies for ensuring you always have healthy, home cooked meals on hand is to cook ahead and freeze servings of your favorite dinners. There is nothing more depressing (or take-out inducing) than coming home from a long day at work and realizing you have nothing to eat. Sometimes, I don’t walk in the door until 7:30 and the thought of making a meal makes me want to cry. The solution: Freezing! My lovely friend and reader Caroline recently suggested that I promote freezing and feature some freezer friendly recipes. […]

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