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Green Chile Chicken Tacos and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

So I have a special treat today! A product review and an AMAZING giveaway of products from Stubb’s BBQ!  Attempting to make the best barbecue, Stubb’s line of sauces, rubs and marinades are made with all natural ingredients and are gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup. I was thrilled to get to try the brand new Green Chili Marinade. This marinade combines hatch chilies with garlic and lime for a spicy, tangy marinade that works beautifully with any type of meat. Since I love a challenge, I wanted to find the perfect meal to build around this unique and tangy marinade. I decided on chicken tacos. This […]

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Chili Sauce

    One of the great things about being on vacation is that I finally have time to spend some time doing nothing. Which for me means reading magazines. Catching up on a stack of things from the last few months, Craig found this really cool article in Men’s Journal about global grilling – which included some really delicious looking recipes. The Jamacian Jerk Chicken particularly appealed to us – mainly because we came home to an abundance of ripe chili peppers and needed something to do with them. The recipe called for scotch bonnets – one of the hottest types of chilies – which I have quite a few […]

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Grilled Eggplant Bruschetta

I have an overabundance of eggplants in my garden right now. We ate the first one last week (on an eggplant and pepperoni pizza – which is now my favorite combination – look for this recipe in the coming weeks). And we are probably about a week away from having another 4-5. So I’ve been racking my brain for lots of tasty and simple eggplant recipes. Unfortunately, eggplant can be tricky in the summer because it needs to be cooked. We’re in the middle of a heatwave right now so I’m hesitant to turn on my stove, let alone my oven. The solution? Grilling! Grilled eggplant is super delicious and […]

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Cambodian Grilled Corn

On Saturday morning, Craig was channel surfing and came upon a really cool looking cooking show. Now. I don’t like cooking shows at all. Cooking television is usually so polished and sanitized. I have trouble relating to celebrity chefs. Perhaps its because most of them come from restaurant backgrounds? I find all my cooking info and entertainment on the internet, courtesy of amazing bloggers and websites. The one exception to my cooking tv apathy is grilling. I love shows devoted to grilling and how to use outdoor cooking methods for all kinds of recipes. I love cooking outdoors and Craig loves to experiment with the grill, so we find ourselves […]

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Grilled Sweet Potatoes

For my Lamb Cookout last weekend I wanted to make a healthy and tasty side dish that could be thrown on the grill. I settled on tasty sweet potato wedges that would compliment the complex flavors of the lamb and provide a high fiber side dish. This recipe is extremely simple. After cutting the sweet potatoes into uniform sized wedges, I par boiled them quickly to start to cook them and then finished them off on the grill. Brush them with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper and you can throw them right on. I added some lime juice and a garnish of fresh cilantro to incorporate […]

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Spicy Thai Lamb Kabobs

First – I apologize for my absence this last week. I really needed a break and Wednesday holiday screwed up my internal calendar. I didn’t intend to take a week off from blogging, but I feel much better  now that I’m rested. It’s July, which means cookouts, weekends at the beach, and standing directly in front of the air conditioning when necessary. When it comes to summer entertaining, burgers and hot dogs have become the default setting. As much as I love the classics, I also like to mix things up a bit. Which is why I was thrilled to be able to host another lamb supper club courtesy of […]

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