2011 To Do List: Bring Lunch to Work

Packing your own lunch is a great way to stick to those resolutions to eat better and save money. I always try to pack lunch, but generally only average about 3 days each week. It can be frustrating and stressful to run around trying to pack lunch in the morning so I recommend doing it the night before so you can grab your lunchbag and go. So next time you don’t feel like making lunch, remember that there are some great advantages to brown bagging it. Benefits of Packing Lunch 1. Saves money. If you spent $7 a day on lunch that adds up to $45 per week, $180 per month and $2160 […]

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Italian Wedding Soup

I was feeling a bit under the weather this morning so I decided to whip up a batch of flavorful soup. Wedding soup is a mistranslation of the italian phrase ministra maritata which literally translated means “married soup”, referring to the fact that green veggies and meat go so well together. My version eliminates most of the fat and salt of the traditional recipe and adds some additional protein and fiber. I substitute kale for spinach or escarole because kale is a bit tougher and more flavorful. It holds its texture well and compliments the spicy meatballs. This savory soup is the ultimate winter comfort food, but each generous serving has […]

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7 Make Ahead Healthy Staples: How one hour on Sunday can give you a week’s worth of cheap, nutritious meals

Most people are simply too busy to prepare three meals a day. But everyone knows that cooking your own meals is both healthier and cheaper than eating out. What many don’t realize is that with some planning, organization and an hour on Sunday night, you can fill your refrigerator with a variety of nutritious, convenient options that will last you through even the busiest week. 7 Make Ahead Staples: 1. Hard Boiled Eggs One hard boiled egg has only 70 calories and 6 grams of high quality protein. They are portable, versatile and can be consumed on the go. Cooked, they last about one week in the fridge. Cost: The […]

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Secret Ingredient Jambalaya

This tasty, easy to prepare dish is a protein powerhouse, packing 30 grams per serving! I have made some substitutions to cut down on the fat, calories and sodium of traditional jambalaya. I substituted antibiotic-free chicken andouille sausage for pork and added the secret ingredient: sweet potato. It brings a creamy texture and rich flavor to the dish while adding fiber, Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Finally, you can substitute brown rice instead of yellow or white, but I prefer barley, which has fewer calories and three times as much fiber as brown rice. Its consistency really compliments the dish. Full recipe after the jump Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Cook Time: 40 […]

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World’s Greatest Breakfast: Steel-cut Oats

This is a fast, easy and nutritionally complete breakfast that I make almost every day. Packed with protein and fiber it is quick, filling and comforting on cold winter mornings. Steel-cut oats are a nuttier, chewier alternative to traditional rolled oats. Steel-cut oats are whole grain grouts, which are the inner portions of an oat kernel, which have been cut into three pieces rather than flattened. Because they are less processed than rolled oats, they have more fiber, nutrients, flavor, and take longer to digest, keeping you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. They’re also rich in magnesium and selenium and help to stabilize blood sugar. Studies have […]

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Wholesome Wednesday Links!!!

Is coffee a new superfood? Studies show coffee drinkers at lower risk for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, dementia, certain types of cancers and strokes. – WebMD Essential fatty acids can reduce the symptoms of PMS! – CNN A new study shows that ginger helps to relieve muscle inflammation and soreness post-workout. – New York Times

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