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Winter Minestrone

We’ve been having an insane winter. No snow, and crazy temperature fluctuations. On Thursday, I went out to run an errand during lunch and it was 55 degrees. Today, it was 21. Super cold and windy, it was a perfect day for thick, hearty soup. Minestrone is the most ubiquitous Italian soup, there are so many different variations and flavors you can incorporate. Different regions of Italy have different preparations, and many vary seasonally as well. I love minestrone, but I find that in restaurants, it’s usually quite salty. My goal with this recipe was to cut back on fat and sodium while adding a ton of protein and fiber. […]

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Farro, Kale and Bean Soup

Update: This recipe made the Top 9 Today! I want to thank all of you so much for your buzz.    The week of kale continues! It was FREEZING today. When Craig and I left the house to go to work this morning it was 6 degrees! Winter officially arrived it’s not fun. When I got home, I was craving something warm and comforting, like pasta. Unfortunately, despite having a months supply of homemade sauce in my freezer, I had no pasta at all. This is a very rare occurrence. So, I decided to clean out my cabinets and see what I could throw together. I ultimately decided on an […]

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Lentil and Wild Rice Stew

So I decided to post twice tonight since the next few days are going to be CRAZY busy with work and holiday parties. It has gotten REALLY cold here in Boston. The past few weeks have been so nice and now I’m leaving the house with a hat and gloves every day! The one great thing about cold weather is that you crave soup. This weekend, I wanted lentil soup so badly I decided to come up with a new version! This stew (or soup or stewp, whatever you want to call it) is super simple and very tasty. Lentils, wild rice, and some veggies combine for a filling meal […]

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Beef, Barley and Root Vegetable Stew

Beef stew is the ultimate comfort food. I had never actually made it until I saw the move Julie & Julia, which inspired me to give it a try. Who knew a few years later I’d have my own food blog? The day after seeing that movie I went out and bought a dutch oven pot, unfortunately it’s not Le Crueset, but it’s served me pretty well. Anyway, I’ve been perfecting this recipe over the years, trying to find ways to maximize flavor and minimize calories, fat and sodium. This recipe takes everything that’s delicious about stew and adds lots of healthy veggies and barley. The result is an immensely […]

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Mexican Chicken Soup

So, apparently it is already fall, which is sort of crazy, since last week it was still 80 degrees outside. Anyway, I have decided to celebrate the sudden chill with some hearty and filling soup. It is sort of a soup/stew hybrid really. This is a simple recipe that can be put together in 45 minutes. Shredded chicken, corn, black beans and brown rice create a filling soup that is packed with protein and fiber. Lime juice, chili peppers and cumin create some bold flavors without added calories. I found this to be such a satisfying, warming meal and as a bonus, I got a few days of lunch out […]

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Lentil Stew with Potatoes

Lentils are one of the world’s most consumed foods. In addition to being cheap and easy to prepare, they are packed with filling protein. One of the worlds best plant based protein sources, they are an excellent source of iron, folate and B vitamins. I love lentils because they are comforting and filling. This is a simple and tasty dish that full of flavor as well as nutrients. Lentils, potatoes and some veggies make for a a cheap stew. Flavored with balsamic vinegar, habenero and fresh herbs, it is a healthy comfort food. I usually make this once a week or so and the leftovers last for days. Sprinkle some […]

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